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SANON is a manufacturer with more than 20 years of experience in aluminum die casting. We provide one-stop solutions, from mold design to surface finishing, to a variety of customers around the world. Whether your aluminum die casting project is in the conceptual stage or ready to go into production, SANON wants to provide professional assistance.

Mold Making Equipment
Aluminum Die Casting Machine
squeeze casting machines
CNC Equipment
powder coating
In-House Mold Making

This is our earliest business, we have a professional mold making team and workshop, and have successfully made over 10,000 die casting molds.

Aluminum Die Casting

We have the ability to provide precision and durable aluminum die castings to various industries with fast and on-time delivery.

Aluminum Squeeze Casting

This is the most exciting aluminum casting process. If you need high performance aluminum parts, this will be the right choice!

CNC Machining

We have more than 20 lathes, milling machines and machining centers for CNC machining of casting molds and parts.

Surface Finishing

Our aluminum surface finishing includes, but is not limited to: painting, powder coating, chromating, anodizing, aluminum chrome plating, nickel plating, etc.

We highly recommend the aluminum squeeze casting process.

1. Squeeze casting can effectively eliminate common aluminum casting defects such as porosity, shrinkage or cracks.
2. As efficient as die casting, as high-performance as forging.
3. Very little machining allowance, avoiding expensive CNC machining costs.
4. Especially suitable for aluminum parts with thick wall, high properties and high air tightness requirements.

Aluminum squeeze casting – replace steel with aluminum and forging with casting, to achieve lightweight and low cost.

Aluminum squeeze casting is an improvement on the aluminum die casting process. It is as efficient as die casting, but the mechanical properties of the parts far exceed those of die castings. 

Precess Material Tensile Strenth Yield Strenth Elongation Hardness Air Tightness
Aluminum Die Casting ADC12 140-160MPa 80-90MPa 1%-2% 70-80Hb ≤0.3MPa, Requires casting impregnation
Aluminum Squeeze Casting A356.2 280-320MPa 220-240MPa 8%-12% 85-100Hb ≥0.5MPa, No casting impregnation required
Aluminum Squeeze Casting AlSi9Cu3 350-370MPa 260-280MPa 2%-3% 115-125Hb ≥0.5MPa, No casting impregnation required
Aluminum Squeeze Casting S319 350-370MPa 260-270MPa 11%-13% 115-125Hb ≥0.5MPa, No casting impregnation required


Mold Making.

This was our earliest business, starting with a mold making shop. To date, we have made over 10,000 aluminum die casting molds.


Mold Making + Die Casting.

The core part of the die casting process is mold making. After mastering this skill, we started our aluminum die casting business.


Mold Making + Die Casting + Aluminum Squeeze Casting

During these 15 years, we have provided professional aluminum die casting services to customers in different countries and successfully developed the aluminum squeeze casting process.

Now and Future

Mold Making + Die Casting + Squeeze Casting + Semi-solid Casting

Since 2017, we have used the squeeze casting process to provide high-performance aluminum parts for automotive, electric vehicles, motorcycles, electric power and other industries.

About Us

SANON is a reliable aluminum die casting manufacturer, providing one-stop service from mold design to surface treatment. We will track every production process and give you timely feedback.

We have the ability to provide you with high-quality, stable aluminum die-cast parts within your budget.

See What Our Customers Say About Us

"As a regular client of SANON for aluminum die-cast components, I am consistently impressed by their operational efficiency. Their ability to manage complex projects efficiently and deliver high-quality products promptly makes Sanon an invaluable partner for our business needs."
Purchasing Manager
“Our parts require full body machining and 1.2MPa air tightness, Eric recommended aluminum squeeze casting instead of CNC and the results have been very satisfactory. It saved me a lot of money in CNC machining costs and it's really a great casting process. Thanks, Eric.”
Deputy Strategy Director
"My collaboration with SANON for a specialized aluminum die-casting project was an extraordinary experience. Their team, with its profound expertise in aluminum die-casting, ensured that every detail of our specifications was met with the utmost precision. The durability and fine finish of the products were impressive."

Work With Numerous Industries

As a professional aluminum die casting manufacturer, we offer high-performance, lightweight, and durable aluminum components to customers in different industries. Stable high quality, competitive pricing, smooth communication and on-time delivery make SANON a reliable partner.

aluminum die cast steering knuckle
steering knuckle
aluminum die casting steering knuckle
steering knuckle
control arm
control arm
aluminum die casting steering knuckle and control arm
control arm


The automotive industry requires high-performance, lightweight, low-cost and durable components, and aluminum squeeze casting meets these requirements. We use aluminum instead of steel and casting instead of forging to achieve lightweight, energy efficiency and  lower cost.

Aluminum die casting EV part
EV Part
die casting electric vehicle heat sink
Heat Sink
die casting EV battery housing
battery housing
Electric Vehicle Die Casting Inverter Housing
inverter housing

Electric Vehicles

Electric vehicles have become a new trend, and SANON is willing to be your reliable supplier of die casting parts for electric vehicles. From concept to final product, we can provide you with professional help.

Squeeze Casting Medical Parts
medical part
Die Casting Part for Medical Industry
medical part
Die Casting Medical Device
medical part
OEM Aluminum Die Casting Machinery Part
medical part

Medical Device

In the medical device industry, its projects often mean small volumes but extremely high demands on functionality and visual surfaces. Most aluminum die casting suppliers do not like this type of project. But for SANON, after years of practice and hard work, we have developed a mature medical aluminum die casting manufacturing system.

squeeze die casting valve cover
valve cover
Custom Die Cast Machinery part
machinery part
Die Casting Motor End Cover
motor end cover
Squeeze casting sealing part
sealing part

Industrial Equipment

We offer components with high mechanical properties, high strength and high air tightness for a wide range of industrial equipment through aluminum die casting and squeeze casting processes.

aluminum die casting heat sink
heat sink
Die Casting LED Light Housing
LED light housing
squeeze casting yacht part
yacht part
Squeeze Casting Truck Parts
truck part

Other Industries

Our experienced engineers are able to respond quickly to the needs of different industries and provide you with cost-effective aluminum die casting services in the shortest possible time through their expertise.


We are indeed an aluminum die casting manufacturer. We have two factories, one for die casting and the other for squeeze casting, both located in Qingdao City, Shandong Province, China. Meanwhile, we have our own mold making workshop.

SANON’s molds are all made in-house. Our earliest business was mold making. To date, we have produced over 10,000 precision die casting molds. We are able to make or modify molds right the first time. Mold making is a core part of the entire die-casting process. If you are looking for an aluminum die-casting manufacturer, the ability to make molds in-house is the first factor you should consider.

We have ISO9001 and IATF16949 certificates. Through our strict quality control system, we ensure to provide the highest quality products and the most cost-effective aluminum die casting services.

Not really. Aluminum squeeze casting far outperforms die casting, but it’s not that much more expensive. On the contrary, aluminum squeeze casting is a cost-effective process. It can replace forging and CNC machining, thereby greatly reducing the cost of parts.

Normally, mold making takes 30-40 days.
If the mold is very large and complex, then it will take about 40-60 days.

We can do the grinding or shot blasting ourselves. Meanwhile, we also have professional surface treatment partners. Our aluminum surface finishing includes, but is not limited to: painting, powder coating, chromating, anodizing, aluminum chrome plating, nickel plating, etc.

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