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Suitable for aluminum parts with thick wall, high performance and high air tightness requirements.

The best casting process for automotive lightweighting.

The best solution to replace forging and CNC machining.

Aluminum Squeeze Casting

Squeeze casting is a manufacturing process that combines casting and forging, offering the advantages of both.

There are two types of squeeze casting, direct squeeze casting (for simple shapes) and indirect squeeze casting (for complex shapes).

We use indirect squeeze casting to provide aluminum parts with thick walls, high strength, high hardness, high elongation and high air tightness for the automotive, electric vehicles, motorcycles, aerospace, electric power, marine and other industries.

Features of Aluminum Squeeze Casting Parts

Squeeze casting can effectively eliminate common aluminum casting defects, such as shrinkage, pores, cracks, etc. Therefore, aluminum squeeze cast parts have excellent performance and are often used in automotive, electric vehicles, aerospace and other industries.

Higher Properties

Tensile strength: 260-320 MPa
Yield strength: 220-260 MPa
Elongation: 8%-13%
Hardness: 85-110Hb
Aluminum squeeze castings can be heat treated to further improve mechanical properties.


Higher Air Tightness

Compared with die castings, aluminum squeeze casting parts have denser internal grains, thus achieving higher air tightness (≥0.5MPa).

Higher Surface Finish

People rarely CNC machine the surface of ordinary die castings because they have pores inside. But squeeze cast parts can be fully machined like forged parts because they have no internal casting defects.

Replace Forged And CNC Parts

Squeeze casting is a combination of die casting and forging.
It is as efficient as die casting, but far more performant.
It is as high performance as forging, but far less expensive to produce.

Aluminum Squeeze Casting VS Aluminum Die Casting

Aluminum squeeze casting is an improvement on the aluminum die casting process. It is as efficient as die casting, but the mechanical properties of the parts far exceed those of die castings. If your aluminum parts require complex shapes and high performance, then squeeze die casting will be the right choice.

Precess Material Tensile Strenth Yield Strenth Elongation Hardness Air Tightness
Aluminum Die Casting ADC12 140-160MPa 80-90MPa 1%-2% 70-80Hb 0
Aluminum Squeeze Casting A356.2 270-290MPa 220-240MPa 7%-9% 85-100Hb ≥0.5MPa
Aluminum Squeeze Casting AlSi9Cu3 350-370MPa 260-280MPa 2%-3% 110-125Hb ≥0.5MPa
Aluminum Squeeze Casting S319 350-370MPa 260-270MPa 11%-13% 110-125Hb ≥0.5MPa

Aluminum Squeeze Casting – “The Best of All Worlds”

The best casting process to realize automotive lightweighting

The density of aluminum is 2.7g/cm³, which is only one-third of the density of steel. Considering strength, stiffness, weight reduction effect and cost, aluminum is currently the preferred material for automotive lightweighting.

More importantly, the squeeze casting process can cast aluminum parts with complex shapes, no porosity or shrinkage, high strength, high air tightness, and durability. This is just what the automotive industry needs.

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The best alternative to forging and CNC machining

Forging and CNC machining can directly produce high-performance, surface-clean aluminum parts, but both processes are very costly and inefficient, and are only suitable for low-volume production.

And squeeze casting can be as efficient as die casting to produce a variety of complex, precision parts. Moreover, the performance of squeeze casting parts is far more than that of die casting, and close to that of forging and CNC parts.

If you want to make high-performance, low-cost aluminum parts quickly and in large quantities, then the aluminum squeeze casting process is the right choice for you.

Aluminum Squeeze Casting Parts

SANON is a professional aluminum squeeze casting manufacturer. Below are aluminum squeeze cast parts produced by SANON for the automotive, electric vehicles and other industries.

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