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Squeeze casting can be said to be the most advanced aluminum die casting process at present. It perfectly balances the quality, efficiency and cost of the aluminum die casting process. Contact us to learn more!

Features of Squeeze Casting Parts

1. Finer and denser microstructure.
2. Can be heat treated and welded.
3. Low porosity and high air tightness.
4. Higher strength and better mechanical properties.
5. Complex shape and less machining allowance.
6. High surface finish.

Properties of Squeeze Casting Parts
Precess Material Tensile Strenth Yield Strenth Elongation Hardness Air Tightness
Aluminum Die Casting ADC12 140-160MPa 80-90MPa 1%-2% 70-80Hb 0
Aluminum Squeeze Casting A356.2 270-290MPa 220-240MPa 7%-9% 85-100Hb ≥0.5MPa
Aluminum Squeeze Casting AlSi9Cu3 350-370MPa 260-280MPa 2%-3% 115-125Hb ≥0.5MPa
Aluminum Squeeze Casting 319S 350-370MPa 260-270MPa 11%-13% 115-125Hb ≥0.5MPa
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SANON is a professional aluminum squeeze casting manufacturer, our squeeze casting parts can be heat treated and the mechanical properties are close to or even exceed those of forged parts.

Squeeze casting is perfect for automotive, electric vehicles, aerospace and other demanding industries.

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