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Surface Treatment

Surface treatment is to form a protective layer on the surface of the product to protect the body after mechanical and chemical treatment, which is used to increase the corrosion resistance and aesthetics of the product, thereby enhancing the value of the product.

Surface Treatment

Why do we need to surface treat for aluminum profiles or aluminum alloys?

Because aluminum profiles or aluminum alloys have different degrees of fouling and defects on the surface after forming, such as dust, metal oxides, oil stains, welding fluxes, corrosive salts, burrs, etc., so surface treatment is required.

What is included in the surface treatment?

There are three processes of surface treatment, including pre-treatment, film formation, and post-film treatment.

What is the content of the pre-treatment?

The purpose of the pre-treatment is to remove the oxidation and oil pollution of the surface, improve the adhesion of the post-treatment, and improve the appearance.

The pre-treatment includes mechanical treatment such as spraying, shot blasting, grinding, polishing, waxing, and chemical treatment such as alkaline degreasing, acid degreasing, chemical polishing, electrolytic polishing, bright alkaline sanding, acid sanding, etc.

What can we do for you in the surface treatment process?

Anodic Oxidation

The process of forming a layer of oxide film on the product due to the action of the applied current under the corresponding electrolyte and specific process conditions. 

The oxide film can solve the hardness of aluminum, wear resistance and other defects can extend the applicable life of aluminum to increase the aesthetics.

Wire Drawing
Wire Drawing

Metal brushing is the manufacturing process of repeatedly scraping out the lines of aluminum sheets with sandpaper. 

The metal brushing process can clearly show each fine trace, so that the metal matte in a fine hair luster, the product is both fashionable and technological sense.

Coloring Treatment
Coloring Treatment

One method is coloring by aluminum oxidation, and the other is coloring by aluminum electrophoresis. 

Various colors are formed on the oxide film to meet certain usage requirements, for example, black is usually used for optical instrument parts, golden yellow for medallions, etc.

High Gloss Cutting
High Gloss Cutting

The diamond cutter is reinforced by a precision engraving machine in the high-speed rotation (generally 20,000 rpm) of the spindle of the precision engraving machine to cut the parts, producing a local highlight area on the surface of the product.

Spraying Treatment
Spraying Treatment

Including electrophoretic coating, electrostatic powder coating, electrostatic liquid phase spraying and fluorocarbon spraying, etc.

The purpose of spraying on the surface of aluminum parts is not only to protect the surface of aluminum parts, but also will enhance the appearance of aluminum parts.


It is a method to slow down the corrosion rate of metals by converting the metal surface to a state that is less susceptible to oxidation.

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