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What Is Squeeze Casting?

Squeeze casting, also known as liquid forging, is a combination of die casting and forging, with the advantages of both. It is typically used to produce near-net-shape, high-strength, high-airtight, high-wear-resistant, thick-walled, heat-treatable parts. It is a very cost-effective casting process!

Liquid metal is injected into the mold cavity at low speed to completely fill the cavity and reduce air entrainment. High pressure is then applied to forcefully eliminate shrinkage and porosity created during solidification of the liquid metal, so as to obtain squeeze casting parts free of casting defects.

Currently, the squeeze casting materials are mainly die-cast aluminum alloys, such as A356, ZL101, ZL104, AlSi9Cu3 and so on. Therefore, if you want to have aluminum parts with higher mechanical properties, the squeeze casting process will be a right choice.

Squeeze casting is suitable for parts with complex shapes and high performance requirements!

As Efficient As Die Casting
High-Performance Like Forging

How Can Squeeze Casting Help Us?

Eliminate Casting Defects

The squeeze casting process allows you to get rid of common aluminum casting defects such as shrinkage, porosity, cold shut, cracks, etc., so that your aluminum castings will have the same quality as forgings and the same smooth surface as CNC parts.

Squeeze casting will provide you with a reliable solution for your demanding aluminum castings, especially thick-walled parts.

Improve Part Performance

Because squeeze cast parts are virtually free of casting defects, they have excellent properties:

Tensile strength: 260-300MPa
Yield strength: 220-260MPa
Elongation: 7%-11%
Hardness: 85-110Hb
Air tightness: ≥0.5MPa, no leakage.


By replacing forging or CNC machining with squeeze casting, you will significantly reduce the cost of manufacturing your parts.

In addition, aluminum squeeze castings with high mechanical properties can also replace steel or iron parts. This helps reduce the weight and cost of the part.

Aluminum Squeeze Casting Properties

Precess Material Tensile Strength Yield Strength Elongation Hardness Air Tightness
Aluminum Die Casting ADC12 140-160MPa 80-90MPa 1%-2% 70-80Hb 0
Aluminum Squeeze Casting A356.2 260-300MPa 220-260MPa 7%-9% 85-110Hb ≥0.5MPa
Aluminum Squeeze Casting AlSi9Cu3 350-370MPa 260-280MPa 2%-3% 110-125Hb ≥0.5MPa
Aluminum Squeeze Casting Latest Material 350-370MPa 260-270MPa 11%-13% 110-125Hb ≥0.5MPa

Squeeze casting is the end of common aluminum die casting defects.
Contact us to try the squeeze casting process for higher quality, higher performance aluminum parts.

Features of Squeeze Casting

1. Low Speed Filling

Unlike high pressure die casting, in squeeze casting, molten aluminum fills the die at a lower rate, which prevents air from being trapped in the liquid metal during the filling process. 

Meanwhile the mold’s exhaust system can smoothly remove the air in the mold. 

Aluminum casting parts without porosity are what we all want!

2. High Pressure Molding

Once the mold is filled, the pressure on the molten aluminum increases to over 100 MPa and pressure is maintained to feed the casting to compensate for shrinkage until the casting solidifies.

This further removes air from the liquid metal and refines the internal organization, giving the part a higher density.

3. Parts can be Heat Treated and Welded

The heat treatment options available for squeeze casting are T4, T5 and T6. After heat treatment, the parts will have higher tensile strength, yield strength, hardness, wear resistance, air tightness, etc.

At the same time, the squeeze casting parts can be welded to better meet the actual needs.

4. Superior Performance

Tensile strength: 260-300MPa
Yield strength: 220-260MPa
Elongation: 7%-11%
Hardness: 80-110Hb
Air tightness: ≥0.5MPa, no leakage.

If your parts require high performance and high air tightness, please feel free to contact us and we will surprise you!

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Our Squeeze Casting Machines and Capabilities

squeeze casting machines

Our Squeeze Casting Applications

Application Part Name
Auto Parts Steering knuckle, piston, throttle, beam, pump body, pump housing, clutch cylinder, steering valve housing, gearbox housing, valve body, air compressor turbine disk and connecting rod, light holder, flange, etc. Additionally, you can custom your own car parts!
Electric Cars Battery enclosure assemblies, battery tray,motor housings, socket shell, AC compressor, heat sink, controller enclosure, reduction housing, etc. Meanwhile, you can custom your unique electric vehicle parts!
Motorcycle Parts Wheel hubs, pistons, transfer case housings, pump bodies, cranks, disc brakes, shock absorbers, etc.
High Performance Parts for machinery or other industries that require high tensile strength, high yield strength, high hardness and high air tightness.
High-end Field Components for the military, aviation, aerospace, and medical industries.
Other Industries Marine propellers, truck parts, electric parts, connections, flanges, 5G parts, etc.

Our Squeeze Casting Products

Squeeze casting is ideal for the aerospace, automotive, electric vehicle, motorcycle, truck, medical, and power industries. It can meet the requirements of these industries’ parts for high tensile strength, high yield strength, high elongation, high air tightness, etc. 

SANON, as a squeeze casting manufacturer,we are committed to manufacturing high performance components for these industries.

Squeeze Casting Advantages

squeeze casting advantages

1. Low porosity and shrinkage.
2. High density inside and smoother surface.
3. Parts can be heat treated and welded.
4. Higher mechanical properties.
5. High efficiency and small machining allowance.
6. High air tightness, pressure resistance ≥0.5MPa, no leakage.

Squeeze Casting VS Die casting
Lower porosity and better mechanical properties.

Compared with aluminum die casting parts, squeeze cast parts do not have the common defects of porosity or shrinkage, and their mechanical properties are much higher than die casting parts, which can be close to the standard of forging parts.

Squeeze casting products can be T4-T6 heat treatment to further improve mechanical properties such as tensile strength, yield strength, hardness and elongation.

Precess Material Tensile Strength Yield Strength Elongation Hardness Air Tightness
Die Casting ADC12 140-160MPa 80-90MPa 1%-2% 70-80Hb 0
Squeeze Casting(after T6) A356.2 270-300MPa 220-240MPa 7%-9% 85-100Hb ≥0.5MPa
Squeeze Casting VS Forging
Less machining allowance and lower cost.

The properties of squeeze casting process are close to those of forging, but it is possible to complete parts with more complex shapes and to mold them in a single operation. Squeeze casting generally does not require machining or only a small amount of machining, thus saving a lot of time and machining costs.

If you want high performance aluminum parts at a lower cost, please feel free to contact us!

Let 's illustrate the benefits of aluminum squeeze casting with practical examples
Steering knuckle
Steering knuckle

Original material : Nodular cast iron, Sand casting, 5.73kg

Current material : Aluminum alloy A356.2, Squeeze casting, 2.81kg

Now the weight of aluminum steering knuckle is 51% less than before, and the tensile strength ≥280MPa, yield strength ≥230MPa, elongation ≥8%, mold life ≥120,000 times, fully meet the requirements of use.

The production cost of parts is reduced greatly. If you have similar parts and you want to replace steel or iron with aluminum please contact us!

Squeeze Casting Types

Squeeze casting process is divided into direct squeeze casting and indirect squeeze casting. Direct squeeze casting has a lot of limitations, it can not cast the  parts with complex structure.

The machine in the picture on the right is our self-developed horizontal indirect squeeze casting machine. We have spent a lot of time, effort, people and money to develop a better performing squeeze casting machine. After numerous attempts, we finally succeeded and have developed 4 units.

The parts produced by these squeeze casting machines have a very smooth surface, high mechanical properties (similar to the forging process) and low machining allowances.

The parts can be produced regardless of complex or simple shapes, and the production efficiency is very high.

aluminum squeeze casting machine

1. Do your aluminum die casting parts often have porosity?
2. Do your aluminum parts require higher strength, hardness, wear resistance and air tightness?
3. Do your aluminum parts not have a good surface due to sand casting or gravity casting?
4. Have you struggled with the high cost of forging or CNC machining?
5. Do you want to replace steel or iron parts with lighter aluminum parts?
6. Are you looking for a more reliable supplier of components for the automotive, electric cars or new energy industries?


If you have any of these problems on the left, then you’ve come to the right place. We can solve those problems with squeeze casting.

The squeeze casting process is ideally suitable for casting high strength, high density, high air tightness, and high wear resistantce aluminum parts at a high production rates.

Squeeze casting provides an effective balance between quality, efficiency and cost, creating considerable value for our customers.

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