Services SANON Can Provide

SANON’s earliest business is aluminum die casting and mold making, and it has more than 20 years of production experience. With the increase of customers and the expansion of business scale, we have gradually added squeeze casting, permanent mold casting, sheet metal fabrication and other processes.

At present, SANON has cooperated with more than 500 customers around the world, and the customer satisfaction rate is above 99.6%. The services that SANON can provide are as follows:

Aluminum Die Casting
Squeeze Casting
Mold Making
CNC Machining
Surface Treatment
Sheet Metal Fabrication
Rapid Prototyping
Plastic Injection Molding

Among all the above processes, the one we are most proud of is squeeze casting. This process is mainly used for aluminum casting. Through our self-developed squeeze casting machine, it is possible to cast parts without common casting defects such as shrinkage cavities and air bubbles. Furthermore, the surfaces of these parts are clean and their mechanical properties are comparable to those of forging.

So, if you have an aluminum casting project, you can consider using the squeeze casting process to complete it, and you will definitely have a very satisfactory result.

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